Friday, May 15, 2015

Culinary Confessions

Peeves, preferences, confessions, pets - triggered by a decade (wow!) old David Lebovitz post. Somehow stumbled upon it while browsing for a brownie recipe, but I digress. 

1. I refuse to set foot into a restaurant when the hostess who takes my reservation over the phone is inexplicably rude.

2. Unless butter is a star ingredient, I bake with a combination of Butler margarine / butter from Phoon Huat. A kind, elderly homebaker confidently reassured me - 'Don't worry! No difference, UNLESS you make a sugee cake. Or butter cake..' So my wallet and cakes take her wise words to heart.

3. Had my first taste of foie gras the other day. Tried to go in with an open mind, failed abysmally . Prefer my intestines (Kway Chap! Soondae!) chewy. 

4. The difference between store brand chocolate cookies and Oreos are indistinguishable to me. 

5. Some of my favourite places to dine out in Singapore are no frills, unpretentious chains that have been around for years. HELLO SWENSENS! Try their meatball spaghetti bake, THEN YOU JUDGE.

6. Because I'm such a skinflint, I almost never pay $10 for a slice of cake at homegrown patisseries and head instead to Four Leaves or Rive Gauche Bakery for the Coco Exotic / Guanaja slices. So chocolatey, so crunchy, so rich, so CHEAP!

7. I judge restaurants by the quality of their bread baskets. 

8. I love making and eating my own cakes best (who doesn't?) but am slavishly loyal to Cedele's cakes. DARK CHOCOLATE FUDGE FTW.

9. I would revisit a restaurant with average food but excellent, warm service over one that has delicious food and crappy waitstaff. 

10. Ordering food that you can make yourself at home in restaurants BEFUDDLES ME. You hear that, $18 scrambled eggs on toast? 

11. I love Asian drinks more than Western brews. Milo, Thai iced tea, banana milk, soya bean milk, herbal grass jelly, lemon tea, longan tea, bubble tea. SO MANY TEAS! 

12. Some of my best travelling memories are interwoven with food. Especially when the weather is cold and rainy, and you have a steaming bowl of miso soup, sour kimchi and a bursting roll of spicy meat kimbap with seasoned vegetables in front of you. And your best friend. Because what's food without company to share it with?

13. Every country I visit, I make it a point to study their McDonalds' menu. France has baguettes, Germany has bagels, Korea has red bean pie but Singapore's McSpicy has MY HEART. 

Those are off the top of my head... What are yours? 

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